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Dictionar economic si financiar-bancar englez-roman. Patras M. ARC,2008 Citeste online descrierea

Dictionarul cuprinde termeni si expresii din toate domeniile economiei: economie politica (economie, teorie economica generala), istoria doctrinelor economice si politica economica, teorie de ramura (bancara, financiara, valutara etc.), activitate financiara, comerciala, vamala, statistica (teoretica, economica, de ramura), comert (intern si international), relatii economice si tranzactii internationale, geografie economica si repartizare a factorilor de productie, evidenta contabila si audit, marketing si management, matematici financiare, modele si metode matematice in economie, drept economic (inclusiv bancar, financiar, comercial, vamal etc.), activitati, uzante si practici ale organismelor economico-financiare si bancare internationale, europene si zonale etc.
Prima editie a dictionarului a fost distinsa cu Premiul Academiei Romane. Editia de fata este revazuta si considerabil adaugita. In prezent este cel mai amplu dictionar bilingv din domeniu.

The Economic and Financial-Banking English-Romanian Dictionary (ARC Publishing House, 2008) is the result of scientific work accomplished by two authors, Mihai Patras and Corina Patras. An impartial third party look over it reveals the value and the importance of the effort. On the one hand, the dictionary fills a gap in romanian lexicography that lacked an overall approach to the handling of newest economic and financial-banking terminology. On the over hand, the dictionary offers an actualized and full index of specific english terms, translated or adapted into romanian language, thereby completing vocabulary deficiencies. The dictionary definitions of commercial, financial, political economy, accounting, management terms and annexes containing informations about currencies, international or regional bodies, main economic structures or acts are extremely useful for both scholars and professionals, such as banking employees, business practitioners, custom officers, marketing managers, lawyers etc. The first edition of Economic and Financial-Banking English-Romanian Dictionary received the Romanian Academy Prize.

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