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Themes are:

  • related to students’ own world (friends, shopping, films, neighbours, holidays, sport)
  • cross-curricular (science and technology, history)
  • develop citizenship education (belonging and identity, diversity, awareness of disability)
  • about other cultures around the world (lifestyles, charity concerts, technology)



  • Get Readypage introduces topics
  • first lessonpresents grammar through reading texts and practice
  • second lessondevelops reading, presents vocabulary and practises speaking
  • third lessondevelops the story with a focus on speaking and listening
  • Across Cultureslessons with reading, speaking project work
  • Your Challenge writing tasks and Understanding Grammarspots
  • the end of every module has a language check and learner development spot
  • Fact or Fictiontexts extend students’ language by deciding whether information is true or false
  • Time Outmagazine with fun activities like puzzles, games and reading for pleasure.
  • Picture Dictionary

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