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Читать онлайн описание продукта Pearson. Focus British English Level 3 Student's Book

Bringing learning into focus!

Focus is a rich, varied and clearly structured upper secondary course that provides motivating content and a reliable exam preparation path. Its methodology is built around the concept of 3Ms – Motivation, Memory and Meaning that underpin the benefits of the course for learners and signal its pedagogical effectiveness to teachers.


  • a five-level upper secondary course
  • exams oriented learning path for state and private school students
  • a course structured to promote motivation, memory and meaning
  • a unique approach to teaching and learning vocabulary
  • clear and intuitive lessons allowing teachers to teach-off-the-page
  • a course closely aligned to Global Scale of English learning objectives

CEFR: A2–C1 / GSE: 30–80

Student's Book

  • one page - one lesson structure with colour coded sections
  • 24-page Word Store booklet with extensive vocabulary practice

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